Time to Shine Performing Arts Trips

It's about time your performing arts group experienced their Time to Shine. Discover our exclusive events providing young performers with the dazzling opportunity to perform live at top venues in Disneyland® Paris, Europe and the UK.

COGO's Time to Shine Events offer young performers the experience of a lifetime

Held over the weekends and during the school holidays, COGO's Time to Shine events are designed to give young performers of today the experience of a lifetime. 

Whether your group's passion is dance, musical theatre or performing arts, Time to Shine offers your performers the chance to own the stage with a live showcase at one of our hand-picked performance venues in UK, Europe and Disneyland Paris. With fabulous costumes, professional music production, state-of-the-art lighting, intros, outros and a electric atmosphere, we can guarantee that your Time to Shine experience will never be forgotten!

Your performers will have the chance to learn from an industry expert at a professional performance workshop and take part in the fabulous Time to Shine parade before donning their fabulous outfits and delivering a show-stopping performance of a lifetime.

With our support, their dedication and a little bit of magic……. your performers' dreams will become a reality!


Discover an exclusive Time to Shine Performing Arts event