• December 2023
  • Sam Taylor
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What's new in Disneyland® Paris in 2024?

Disney Symphony of Colours campaign image

Disneyland® Paris is remixing the winter blues with something vibrant, musical and magical – and you can experience it from January 2024!

New shows at Disneyland® Paris 2024

Disney is launching its new Symphony of Colours season to bring in the new year, which means the addition of new nighttime and daytime shows to inject your entire day in the Disney® Parks with an extra dose of magic.

Disney Electrical Sky Parade

If you were lucky enough to visit Disneyland® Paris during its 30th Anniversary celebrations, you would've no doubt been amazed by the nighttime drone display. Well, good news! Though the 30th is over, the Disney Electrical Sky Parade utilises that same wow factor in the form of a choreographed drone show—and they're taking it to new heights!

Here's how Disney describes the show:

"When the sun sets, float over to Sleeping Beauty Castle, look up and you’ll see a dazzling display before the start of our nighttime spectacular, Disney Dreams! Admire a dance of drones painting the night with all the colours of magic."

A Million Splashes of Colour daytime show

We all know Disney means an early start, but fear not that midday lag! Prepare for your spirits to be lifted with a vibrant celebration of song, dance and colour led by much-loved characters from classics like Lilo & Stitch to more recent favourites like Coco.

Here's what Disney promises guests:

"Let the music take you on a journey and head over to Sleeping Beauty Castle, where you'll discover a new daytime show bursting with beloved songs and stories performed by a host of Disney and Pixar Characters, including Mickey, Timon, Joy, Mirabel. It's an all-singing, all-dancing, all-colourful extravaganza!"

Plus—if you're planning a visit between 10 February–5 May 2024, you'll experience Blooming in Colours: a journey into fairy worlds!, which will see Main Street U.S.A. decked out in dazzling decorations with sprinkling of colour, a twinkling of light and some flowery touches that 'wake up winter' thanks to Pixie Dust sprinkled by Tinkerbell and her twin sister, Perriwinkle.

When are the new shows at Disneyland® Paris 2024?

  • Disney Electrical Sky Parade runs from 8 January–30 September 2024
  • A Million Splashes of Colour daytime show runs from 10 February–September 2024
  • Blooming in Colours: a journey into fairy worlds! decorations are up from 10 February–5 May 2024

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